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Merchandise Pick Up TBA

Team photos, team shirts and spirit wear orders will be available for pick up soon.  Stay tuned for details.

posted 3/30/2020 3:23:57 PM

Uniform Drop Off to be Announced

A uniform drop off event will be scheduled in the upcoming weeks.  Coaches are waiting for direction from the Athletic Office and District office. More information will be made available as soon as the coaches are informed.

posted 3/30/2020 3:22:09 PM

Track & Field 2020 Season Canceled

A Message from Coach Cline and Coach Klecka

Athletes and Parents - This is such a tough situation for all of us.  We are heartbroken that we did not get to finish the season with you all.  However, the importance of maintaining the health and safety of everyone cannot be overemphasized.

We will be sending information soon on uniform return and pick up for team photos, team t-shirts, and online Spirit Wear orders.  However, we are waiting on direction from the Athletics Office and the District office on how they would like us to proceed.  Once we hear back from them, we will update you.

In the mean time, please be safe and take care of your health and your families!

Coach Cassandra Cline-MacKenzie
Coach David Klecka

posted 3/30/2020 3:19:18 PM